Demo R0.1 Released!

I am happy to announce that we release first demo of Rail Route! We have polished our first prototype of train routing and added a simple tutorial. To make it more a game than a prototype we have included short level where you can try your dispatcher skills.

About Level

In the level, trains run along simple timetable, you route them and your score decreases:

  • 1 point for every minute the train is delayed on arrival
  • 1 point for bad platform on the departure of the train
  • 1 for real time minute you play the level
  • 30 points for missing the station completely

The level starts with 30 points and when your score reaches zero, it’s game over. As you can see, playing as fast as possible with minimum mistakes is the key to the best score!

Levels in Future

Our vision is that the final game will contain a handful of such levels, some longer, some short (puzzle game / unlock scenario). You will be able to compare your performance with the others (global Top 10 list). We are thinking of tools that enable you to create & share own levels, so you will be able to model your home city railways if you want.

These levels will be only one game mode, but the primary game play will be something completely else. Something like career mode where you take care of rail network that you will need to built, upgrade, manage and so on. We will write about it soon!


There is no installer, you just:

  1. Download the demo.
  2. Extract the downloaded file where you want.
  3. Run railroute.exe.
  4. Tell us what is your best score. We managed to reach 27 (full speed, no mistake)!

How do you like the game? Please share you thoughts! Any feedback is welcome.

EDIT: If you don’t want to download, try RailRoute directly in your browser (Unity WebGL build).




For Now, I only reached 19, in half speed.
But I’ll try to improve this.

Also, your game looks very promising, I like the minimalistic, black & white design.

April 19, 2018


That’s cool man! Keep trying :-). There’s an inspiration for you:

April 19, 2018


Ok, I always wait for the trains to arrive to route them, I’ll try this way next run 🙂

April 19, 2018