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What is New

Almost everything! Except rails, trains, contracts and basic map layout (Prague, again).

From the beginning, you will control manual switches and semaphores. You can expand your network by buying platforms and building rails, but you have to research the control room upgrades to operate more stations. Automated semaphores are helpful component indeed and you can use them after you research and buy them.


Research is fueled by experience points earned by flawless dispatching of each train (i. e. without delay). Once you chose particular technology to be researched, experience points starts to accumulate. When fully researched, you can proceed to other item. Note that experience points are wasted if no research item is selected so remember to look after No Research indicator (blinking research button)

Buying and Building

Buying and building is paid by money earned by dispatching trains. You can not build through existing platforms and “walls” – there are city quarters, parks and factories unsuitable for demolition.

Receiving Incoming Trains

Giving full control to your hands, you receive each incoming train manually, similar to contract acceptance. Just watch & click what blinks! With The Automation (next demo), you will be able to automate this operation (and many others as well)

Save & Load

Pause, save & load is now available! It was quite complex to implement it so please let us know if you find a problem.


We deserve your feedback! We would like to steer the game development according to gamer’s needs so we decided to grant a life-time license to end product to everybody who helpfully answers these questions (either by a comment or via e-mail):

  1. How much time did you spend playing the game?
  2. Which stations did you connect to your network (except Bubny, Dejvice, Docks)?
  3. Did you find the game play intuitive from the beginning? Have you had any problems with the understanding of what’s going on?
  4. Was it intuitive to you how to receive the incoming trains? Why not?
  5. Was it intuitive to control the switches and semaphores? If not, why?
  6. Was it intuitive how contracts work? If not, why?
  7. Was it intuitive how research works? If not, why?
  8. Was it intuitive how building / buying works? If not, why?
  9. What did you like the least?
  10. What did you like the most?
  11. Do you have any idea what we should definitely add into the game?


There is no installer, you just:

  1. Download the demo.
  2. Extract the downloaded file where you want.
  3. Run railroute.exe.

Download (Windows)