How I Met our Artist

We are seeking an artist. That’s all. Do you know anyone? Let me know! It must be an easy task, right?

A Story

Let me tell you a story. In fact, it is not so easy task. We started this journey like more than a year ago – posting a job offer on various forums and getting several replies. As we were not experienced in the field of finding someone proficient in graphics we wanted them to give us at least anything before doing the business together (with money, you know…) By the way, their portfolios were not so attractive. Most of them rejected us; they do not do anything for free.

The first try

We got at least anything from a few so we started to talk with one studio based in India. Their sample was pretty cool and good we said. Check it:


It was not what we wanted because it was 3D but it was pretty good-looking. So we clarified our vision, paid invoices, etc. There are the first results:

These were pretty good but we still didn’t have the common understandings on our vision. Their projection of our rail network schematic to the 3D world was not working for many reasons. (Have you seen a platform which is 75 meters wide?). So we clarified our vision more precisely and paid new invoices. There was the second output:

We did not consider these any good. Next try (we clarified more):

Hmm. Certainly not bad. Not good though. We saw a real world projection again. We probably could not clearly define our vision. Sorry guy, we had to try another studio. Not bad, not good, some money wasted, let’s move on. What a pity we did not create a 3D game.

To Be Continued

We will continue with the second graphic studio in the next post! It will be much more interesting, trust me.

We did not meet our Artist yet. I repeat, “We did not meet our Artist”.

Apply now!

Be our Artist. Come up with something unique and different than what do you see here. You will be in the last post of this series.

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