Steam page – Early Access ahead

Great news to share! We managed to put up the Steam page for Rail Route during the previous week and we are more than happy to share it with everyone.

We would like to step up and launch the game into the Early Access during Q1 2021. It’s a big and important milestone for us. We would like to deliver a stable and enjoyable experience for a broad audience and we will focus mainly on this goal. That does not mean we will not listen to our precious community – the opposite is true! Join it to help us in fulfilling this kind of hard task: to succeed with the launch. It won’t be a surprise that we would like our efforts we have put into the Rail Route to pay off. But what is most important – a successful lunch into Early Access will allow us to fully focus on the main goal – to make a train dispatcher simulator everyone will love! And this is a great opportunity for us.

We plan to continue to work on the Rail Route for the following year as usual and we will try to bring in as many features as we can. We also hope this “end” of the free alpha preview period is a great and fresh opportunity to start the new era – Early Access. We would like to release regular updates and improve the game in various areas. We already have a never-ending list of features we would like to see in the game (many thanks to the community for the suggestions).

If you wanna help us, wishlist the game and give a word or two to your friends.
Your help and support is priceless to us! Thank you.
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