End of One Era Around the Corner

Just a few words about what happened today: we released 0.10.10 via the itch.io platform – most probably the last Rail Route release there. This small update marks the end of one era.

We went to itch.io in August 2019 with 0.6. I still remember how curiously we watched the download counts, the spike in gaming activity analytics, the first volunteer’s donations – and indeed the surge of newcomers to our Discord community. I even  tried to estimate how relevant the game is by it’s position on Itch’s Popular page.

Even you, dear reader, may have come into contact with Rail Route via itch.io.

Now – as you may already know – it is time to move on. So, you are invited to wishlist the game on our Steam page.

By Published On: December 4th, 20200 Comments

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