Early Access on June 23rd

Here it is! The release date of the Early Access is approaching and we are happy to share the exact date with you: 23 June 2021

Become a train dispatcher and make sure that the train traffic you have contracted runs smoothly. Monitor rail traffic screens, analyze train speeds, station arrival/departure signs, rail paths, infrastructures to be developed and make the right decisions.

-Please ensure you have a valid Wishlist ticket to travel.

The price will be $14.99 with 10% launch discount. We don’t plan to discount or participate in any sale for the whole period of the Early Access. This ensures you are getting the best possible price right with the release. There is also a high chance we will increase the price during the Early Access period when we will feel the game is ready (because we have already added the value by including new features).

Happy Dispatching!

By Published On: April 22nd, 20214 Comments

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  1. emdzej90 13. 05. 2021 at 20.49 - Reply

    Are you planning any versions for Android, iOS or Nintendo Switch?

    • angel 13. 05. 2021 at 21.01 - Reply

      Not atm.

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  3. WarpCow 13. 06. 2021 at 11.58 - Reply

    I have now played the demo for about 30 hours straight. I love it so much – You will make my summer <3

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