The Story of Jozic – A New Prologue from Rail Route

Hello Dispatchers!

We know that you’ve all been wondering what our next, major content update will be (and what the team’s been so busy working away on), and here it is: The Story of Jozic – A Rail Route Prologue!

What is it, you ask? This one is a little different than our other updates. We’ll be releasing this as a free, standalone game on Steam at first, and it will later become part of Rail Route. We’re doing this so that we can give more people a taste of Rail Route – and, truthfully – afford us some more visibility so we can make making the game we love!

Features of The Story of Jozic:

  • Embark on a fully-voiced narrative, taking on the role of an apprentice train dispatcher being taught the ropes by, you guessed it, Jozic.
  • Explore the dramatic machinations of becoming a train dispatcher – and the suspense as Jozic’s past comes back to haunt him…
  • Forge your network, dispatch your trains, earn rewards, and chat your way through multi-choice dialogue options never before seen in Rail Route.

Sounds pretty good, huh? We’d love if you could wishlist The Story of Jozic on Steam!

Because this update is a little different from the others, we’re once again asking for your help. Our community was incredibly supportive with our Rush Hour livestream in the last update, and we hope to gain another incredible reception to this one.

We’d like to ask you to wishlist The Story of Jozic on Steam. Not only will it help us to gain visibility (and show more people the joys of Rail Route!), you’ll get notified when it releases! It’s a win-win.

Update 5 soon
And while we are serving good news to you here’s another one! There will be another free update for Rail Route before The Story of Jozic will go live soon. Update 5 will bring Steam leaderboards to Rush Hour maps and much more! So stay tuned for another announcement.

As always, thank you very much – and happy dispatching!
– Angel

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By Published On: April 19th, 20220 Comments

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