Rail Route is a management/tycoon/puzzle game based on railroad dispatching. Control the traffic, build out your own network, then optimize and expand. Unlock new technologies, upgrade the infrastructure, and automate operations! Design and share your own maps with the in-game editor.


In early access, there will be two game modes available:

Endless Maps

Endless Maps, as the name implies, allows you to play the game endlessly. Your goal is not just to get each train to its destination on-time, but also to expand your system, add new trains, and optimize everything as best you can within the limits of the map. Build track to new stations, accept new train contracts, upgrade your system through multiple technology trees, and see how your railroad grows from a tiny three-station system into a sprawling creation that runs like clockwork.

  • Accept different kind of contracts as a traffic on your railroad
  • Operate trains according their timetables
  • Expand your rail network, build new useful components and buildings
  • Earn rewards money & experience points
  • Unlock upgrades improve your technologies, interface and discover new building components
  • Automate build various sensors and automate the operations

Scored Maps

Trains and track are set in stone! See how well you can keep up with the train timetables.

  • Dynamic scoring system
  • Hand-made timetables famous and imaginary junctions / layouts
  • Be on time and dispatch the trains

In-Game Map Editor

The game comes with a built-in editor that allows you to fine-tune your own map, whether it’s scored or endless. Recreate your favorite junction, build your hometown from scratch or design a railroad of your own. You can then share your map through the steam workshop.

More to come

There’s still more content to come in later updates. Currently planned updates are:

  • Shunting – trains compositions, attaching / detaching of the cars
  • Freight Yard Maps handle the incoming and outgoing freight cars
  • Map events include a random event or a story line into your maps, make them more interesting
  • More unlocks in the Endless Maps

The list is much bigger and will be driven by the community feedback.


The Rail Route has been in active development for more than two years. Numerous free alpha previews were released to the community and the development was heavily directed by the received feedback. Early Access is planned mid 2021.


Early Access Trailer:

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Two friends and IT geeks working on a passion project. Both of us have over 15 years of programming experience in various coding languages.

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