Demo R0.3 Released!

I am happy to announce that we release the third demo of Rail Route! We intended it to demonstrate how contracts work. You will find quite a big rail network inspired by Prague railroads to prove your dispatcher skills.

About Contracts

Contracts concept is fully described in the previous blog post. Long story short, we added contracts to the game to overcome the pre-defined timetable that has serious limitations for building-based campaign mode. With contracts, the timetable is built dynamically as the game progresses: Each contract has a trial phase – the player routes a “prototype” train to reach given stations so a timetable is recorded for all subsequent operational trains for this contract. The player obtains payments for routing the operational trains and is penalized for their delays relative to the prototype.

Auto-accept for contracts is on from beginning. You can switch it off once your plan gets full (on Contracts panel), but do not forget to manually get rid off commuter trains kept on their terminus stations by accepting new contracts that “reuse” them.

About Prague Railways

We are Prague-based, so we based this demo on Prague railways. Everything is grossly simplified For example, the Main Station (bearing historical name Wilson Station in the game) has more than 20 tracks in reality!

Schematic diagram:

We will be happy if somebody creates realistic Prague plan once scenario builder will be available in the game.


You can play the web build, but if it lags a lot on your hardware, we advise you to run the game locally. There is no installer, you just:

  1. Download the demo.
  2. Extract the downloaded file where you want.
  3. Run railroute.exe.

How do you like the game? Please share you thoughts! Any feedback is welcome.



běží to v okně nebo to mění rozlišení compu?
pokud to není tajné, v čem je to psané?

June 17, 2018


Build pre Windows ide nastaviť buď do okna, alebo na celú obrazovku. V druhom prípade nastaví požadované rozlíšenie. Web build predpokladám rozlíšenie nemení.

Je to v Unity, skripty sú v C#.

June 17, 2018


Neviem či je chyba u mňa, ale táto verzia mi nefunguje. Nedá sa spustiť. Po dvojkliku na exe súbor mi to vypíše len, že sa súbor nedá otvoriť… Verzia 0.1 išla bez problémov. A tak isto mi nefunguje webová verzia , tiež to vypisuje kopec chybových hlášok…

June 21, 2018


S podobnými problémami s buildom pre Windows sme sa nestretli. Prosím screenshoty na [email protected]. Ak je to možné, vrátane screenshotu vlastností systému (tento dialóg:

June 22, 2018


The game always gets buggy and unplayable after 9:30 on Windows or gives out an error message in the Web player

June 22, 2018


I am going to investigate. Any detail would be helpful – screenshot, error message, … please send to [email protected].

June 22, 2018


This game looks really cool and has so much potential – I’m eagerly waiting for your next update. Hope it comes soon!

September 4, 2018


Thanks for the support. We had a little summer break but we are working hard again! 🙂 Working on the campaign mode with the building and stuff…

September 4, 2018


Love the demo! I’m a old Train Dispatch player and am glad to see something new in the works

October 28, 2018