Rail Route 0.6 on itch.io – Automation Reworked

Itch.io Release

We decided to release the feature alpha updates of Rail Route on the itch.io platform. And by today you can download the latest alpha preview of our game – a rail network management and operations simulator.

Automation Reworked

Automation is a cornerstone in Rail Route gameplay. During 0.5 evaluation, we found it is a game changer, but some design problems emerged.

Mainly, the automation should kick in when some part of the network is free rather than when the automated train itself arrives somewhere:

  1. A westbound train leaves a station, other westbound train waiting to enter the same track: Once the first train has just left the station so that all its cars are out of the station track, the second train can enter the this track.
  2. A westbound train enters a station, an eastbound train waiting on some other track to leave: Once last car of the first train is completely on the station track, eastern station throat is free and the other train can leave the station.

The automation of manual routing was time-consuming and fragile as well – every small change in the railroad imposed rework of all automation rules.

So we reworked the automation:

  • Automation of manual signals dropped completely.
  • Train departed from station event renamed to unambiguous train departs by schedule from station. It is fired when train ends its stop and starts moving (or when pass is logged for passing trains).
  • Train arrived to station event replaced by train enters the station event. It is fired when the train is completely in the station (and previous tracks are free).
  • Train leaves the station event added. It is fired when the train is completely out of the station (and the station track is thus free).
  • Train passes auto semaphore event added. It is fired when the train passes given auto signal completely (and the preceding tracks are free).
  • No separate other train … events – each event can react to the automated train (default) or any other train.

You will be able to try the new automation in upcoming 0.6 release.

What Next?

Level Editor

We decided that we want come up with the tool that allows you to create your own railroad scheme. Whether you are tired of our Prague rail scheme or just want to create a challenging level for the others. With the editor itself we would like to dust off the first level that was included in the very first version of Rail Route and come up with more levels like that. These levels should be score based so you can challenge yourself to have the highest score possible!

Advanced Scheduling

We would also like to introduce some advanced scheduling mechanics that allows you have even more fine control over your timetables. Adjust the arrival and departure times as well as to define your own contracts.


If you want something other in the game, just tell us in the comments. And lastly don’t forget to join our Discord community server.

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